Here at Open Road, we’re thrilled to report that we’ve just been awarded a £3,000 grant from Norfolk Community Foundation through the Ranworth Trust.

This money is vital for continuing to provide an alternative path to education for students in King’s Lynn. With a historically high percentage of school exclusions in the area, we offer a lifeline service to young people who are struggling with mainstream education, and the money provided by the Norfolk Community Foundation will help us transform their lives.

With core costs, catering, and a bursary fund to cover, every penny counts. We also have plans for expansion in the future, allowing us the possibility of helping even more young people find their new path.

Claire Cullens, Chief Executive of Norfolk Community Foundation, said: ‘Norfolk Community Foundation is delighted to support this much needed project that will make a real difference in the community. We wish them every success with their work.’

Jo Pearson, Chair of the Open Road Trust Board, commented: “We are very pleased to receive this funding, it makes such a difference to the young people we’re able to support. The entire team at Open Road is thankful for the work that Norfolk Community Foundation does and we’re going to put the grant to good use in our local area.”

We’re so thankful for the support that the Norfolk Community Foundation continues to provide, improving the lives of people in Norfolk. For further information on applying for funding go to Norfolk Community Foundation’s website

Supported by Norfolk Community Foundation through Ranworth Trust