The 12th Wisbech Scouts swapped uniforms and woggles for overalls and spanners when they visited Open Road West Norfolk to earn their mechanics badges.

The badge is sponsored by the British Army, and you can work towards getting it by first learning the basics of the internal combustion engine and understanding the function of the clutch, gearbox and rear axle differential.

They also had to learn how to undertake a number of routine maintenance tasks including refilling the windscreen wash bottle, changing bulbs in the front and rear light clusters, checking the level of water in the radiator and understanding the importance of coolant and antifreeze. 

During an intensive evening’s instruction from Open Road’s expert tutors, the youngsters also learned how to check tyre pressures and inflate a tyre, remove and replace a wheel. explain what to look for when checking that a tyre is legal, change a wiper blade and explain the outline requirements for an MOT road test.

The training session was pretty intensive but Open Road can deliver professional qualifications from entry level through to level three apprenticeships so steering the young scouts to success and their motor mechanics badges was no problem at all.

The scouts were delighted to collect their badges after taking part in the course and enthusiastic about learning more about the profession in the future. 

Open Road are looking forward to welcoming more scout troops and other youth programmes to the workshop in the near future.