Open Road West Norfolk is a place for young people who need encouragement and guidance to find their way onto a career path that will sustain and reward them for the future.

Through the attraction of motor vehicles and more recently construction industry training, Open Road captures the attention and interest of young people; it generates the desire to achieve more as an individual and to help others by developing team skills.

Open Road drives a culture of hard work. It is a place where application, positive attitude and teamwork is acknowledged and rewarded, ultimately leading to recognised qualifications.

A modern, well-equipped workshop and training facility, students, instructors and staff enjoy attending Open Road, it’s a place where they want to be rather than have to be.

It is a safe place of learning yet it is fun and exciting and has an image that delivers an element of street credibility and a feeling of pride for those that are lucky enough to be involved.

Teams of students attend Open Road for one or more days per week and through structured training programmes attain recognised Institute of the Motor Industry qualifications, BTEC or City and Guilds.

The training dovetails with the new Foundation Learning curriculum that High Schools across the country work towards.

Out of term, during evenings and weekends, Open Road also offers advanced training to experienced technicians working in workshops and garages. 

Subjects covered include air conditioning training and certification and new technology such as hybrid vehicles. 

By offering advanced training to existing technicians we build relationships with employers and identify possible apprenticeships for students.

Open Road is an asset to the community helping young people mature and grow responsibly. It offers on-going training and provides local employers a source of committed and professional personnel to help develop and grow their businesses.

We can work with up to 160 students and our aim is to ensure every place is filled and that we maximize the potential Open Road has to offer.

If you are a potential student, a parent or carer of a potential student, a school or other key agency wanting to know more, then call 01553 776600, email  or visit the website