King’s Lynn Police have reached out to us and asked our team to build them a vehicle for the upcoming Hunstanton Soap Box Derby. This council-run community event brings together organisations and the public to celebrate a tradition and have some fun. Will you be there to cheer us on in September?

Robin, our Centre Manager is leading the project, and has taken it as a chance to work with local businesses to collaborate on the project. His first port of call was Peter Framingham, Director of Fabrican Engineering Ltd. Peter has been using his knowledge and expertise to machine some of the parts that we need for the vehicle.

Soap box in progress

Outside of this, we’re using pit bike wheels, shod with racing slick tyres, for weight and strength and considerable thought has been given to steering and suspension components. It’s very much a work in progress and some of the parts, like the rear axle pictured, have been produced at a specialist workshop.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with King’s Lynn Police on this exciting journey. To stay up to date with the progress of the Open Road Soap Box, you can follow us on our social media channels.