New for September 2017 – Bursary Fund

Open Road are very pleased to announce that we have secured funding via a grant from the Garfield Weston Foundation to create a small bursary fund which will enable us to offer young people access to the centre.

Support for individuals

The bursary fund will be available for any individual for any of our activities if good reasons can be given and funding can be up to 100%. There needs to be an agreed outcome for each young person supported, for example a level 1 qualification or a period of successful work experience or successful completion of a particular activity.


Applications will be on a rolling basis and accepted throughout the year. To be considered please complete a Bursary Fund Application and Consent form which can be found on the website under ‘Forms‘.


Open Road Bursary Fund Guidelines

Support for schools and their students.

Schools receive statutory funding to support their students together with pupil premium funds for those eligible for free school meals.  We do not therefore intend to use the bursary fund to support school students. However, we would consider supporting an individual in an exceptional circumstance if the bursary would be the difference between them being able to participate or not.  This might, for example, be a contribution towards transport costs if they lived in a remote area.

Support for other charities or community groups

The bursary fund could be used to support a group 100% who were using Open Road for the first time and who did not have core funding to pay for the use of the facility.  Funding for transport would not normally be offered except in exceptional circumstances.

Repeat visits would normally require a group to raise their own funds to help fund the visit with a reduced or zero support from the bursary fund.   The bursary fund could be used to support individuals within the group up to 100% if good reasons were given and outcomes were agreed.