Welcome back, hope the summer holiday break was great.

7th July 2016 Bloodhound Project Visit

7th July 2016 Bloodhound Project Visit

What a wonderful event and day we had. Teams from Churchill Park School and Include built and raced their model cars in the morning and teams from Greyfriars Primary and Sheridan School built and raced their model cars in the afternoon.

7th July 2016 Bloodhound Project Visit
7th July 2016 Bloodhound Project Visit

Then came the racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Churchill Park School
Churchill Park School

The winning model car team names will be on the fin of the Bloodhound car when it attempts the 1000 mph challenge.

Open Road hopes to become a Hub for future Bloodhound events so please watch out for notifications via our Facebook page or our website.

Results for 2016/2017

We are really proud of the achievements of our students and in the academic year 2016/17 they achieved the following:-

17 students achieved IMIAL Level 1 Award in Vehicle Maintenance
17 students achieved IMIAL Level 1 Certificate in Vehicle Maintenance
6 students achieved IMIAL Level 1 Diploma in Vehicle Maintenance
9 students achieved IMIAL Level 2 Diploma in Service and Maintenance Engineering (601/0542/2)

IMIAL Level 2 Diploma in Service and Maintenance Engineering is included and counted within the Progress 8 school performance.

From September 2016 we will also be running the following qualifications which are included and counted in the Progress 8 school performance:-

IMIAL Level 1 Certificate in Service and Maintenance Engineering (601/0531/8)
IMIAL Level 1 Diploma in Service and Maintenance Engineering (601/0541/0)
IMIAL Level 2 Certificate in Service and Maintenance Engineering (601/0532/X)

Please contact the office on 01553 776600 if you have any students that you would like to attend.

Breaking News

Open Road have managed to secure a high quality spray booth and once funding has been secured we hope to offer a bodywork and paint spraying module alongside our current qualifications.

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